Next Generation Communications and Computing Networks (NEXTCON) Research Laboratory

Director: Dr. Burak Kantarci, Asst. Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa & Courtesy Assistant Professor, ECE, Clarkson University


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Research @ NEXTCON is funded by


QUALCOMM (through Wireless Internet of Things Lab at Clarkson)

Collaborators* @ University of Ottawa and Clarkson

Hussein T. Mouftah (University of Ottawa, EECS)

Abdelmotaleb El-Saddik (University of Ottawa, EECS)

Melike Erol Kantarci (University of Ottawa, EECS)

Pascal Fallavollita (University of Ottawa, Faculty of Health Sciences)

Lei Wu (Clarkson, ECE)

Jie Li (Clarkson, ECE)

Stephanie Schuckers (Clarkson, ECE)

Mahesh K. Banavar (Clarkson, ECE)

Chen Liu (Clarkson, ECE)

Jeanna Matthews (Clarkson, CS)

Silvana Andreescu (Clarkson, CHEM)

Cetin Cetinkaya (Clarkson, MECH)

Collaborators* at other institutions

Tolga Soyata (State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany, NY, USA)

Luca Foschini (University of Bologna, Italy)

Houbing Song (West Virginia University Institute of Technology, WV, USA)

Sema F. Oktug (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)

Dzmitry Kliazovich (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

Pascal Bouvry (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

Claudio Fiandrino (Imdea Networks, Spain)

Yuan Zhang (University of Jinan, P. R. China)

Michele Nogueira (Universidade Federal do Paraná, UFPR-Brazil)

Aldri Santos (Universidade Federal do Paraná, UFPR-Brazil)

Mujdat Soyturk (Marmara University, Turkey)

Antonio Corradi (University of Bologna, Italy)

Syed Ali Haider (National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan)

Ismail Butun (Bursa Technical University, Turkey)

Mehmet K. Aktas (University of Rochester, NY, USA)


*Co-authors of published/submitted articles/papers/book chapters or co-investigators in the last five years.






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