Next Generation Communications and Computing Networks (NEXTCON) Research Laboratory

Director: Dr. Burak Kantarci, Asst. Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa & Courtesy Assistant Professor, ECE, Clarkson University


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Research @ NEXTCON is funded by (includes current and previous supports)


QUALCOMM Inc. Â (through Wireless Internet of Things Lab at Clarkson)

RESEARCH at NEXTCON aims to introduce transformative methodologies and platforms through the lens of the 5Vs in facilitating data collection, management, analysis, protection and presentation within the framework of smart city-IoT applications, namely focusing on smart transportation, smart health and smart grid/microgrid services. Ongoing research particularly addresses the veracity of the IoT data by consolidating outlier detection with statistical reputation and recommender systems. Furthermore, our research investigates novel machine intelligence algorithms in order to process high volume data so that decisions and predictions can be made by eliminating data redundancy and in turn significantly reducing the amount of information to be processed. Moreover, to address high velocity of the IoT data, NEXTCON researchers are working on the development of efficient data analytics algorithms to extract valuable statistical information that can later be used to optimize smart city operations. In a longer timeframe, NEXTCON�s research aims to address storage, data structuring and privacy challenges in IoT-smart city systems.


Dr. Burak Kantarci, the founding director of NEXTCON, is currently an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa, and courtesy assistant professor at Clarkson University.

NEXTCON Lab is looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students whose research interests match with the research areas of the lab. Clarkson undergraduates are always welcome to discuss internship opportunities at NEXTCON lab with Dr. Kantarci. If you are interested in pursuing research in NEXTCON Lab., send an email to along with your research interests and your resume with your references.

Current Research Highlights:

Design of IoT-Big Data Ecosystems for Smart Cities


Non-Dedicated Sensing for Smart Environments

*     Reliable data acquisition

*     Data analytics on crowd-sensed data

*     Game theoretic models to improve user participation

*     Energy Efficient data acquisition

*     Continuous authentication and identification of users


Smart Transportation

*     Vehicular cloud computing

*     Vehicular sensing

*     Connected vehicles

*     Vehicular social networks

*     Privacy in vehicular clouds


Digital Health

*     Interoperability and Standards for front-end

*     Communication challenges for front-end (PHY, MAC and Network Layer)

*     System Level Security Challenges

*     Trustworthiness of acquired sensed data

*     Data Visualization in front-end

*     Effective and Efficient Decision Support Systems

Smart microgrids/grids

*     Smart data aggregation for the power grid

*     Detection of malicious activity in theenergy network






Lab Director:

Burak Kantarci, PhD, SMIEEE 

*Assistant Professor

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5, CANADA

+1-613-562-5800 ext. 6955


Courtesy Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Clarkson University

Potsdam, NY, 13699

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