Next Generation Communications and Computing Networks (NEXTCON) Research Laboratory

Director: Dr. Burak Kantarci, Asst. Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa & Courtesy Assistant Professor, ECE, Clarkson University


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Three papers from our group have been accepted to IEEE Intl. Conference on Communications (ICC'18). "Adaptively Supervised and Intrusion-Aware Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Clusters in Critical Infrastructures"; "Emulating Smart City Sensors Using Soft Sensing and Machine Intelligence: a Case Study in Public Transportation"; "MQTT-Driven Sustainable Node Discovery for the Internet of Things-Fog Environments". Congratulations to Safa, Cem and Riccardo! (Cem Kaptan publishes his first paper; welcome on board!)

09 Jan 2018

Our article titled "Collaborative Verification of Smart User Profiles for social sustainability of smart cities" has been accepted to Elsevier Sustainable Cities and Society journal’s Special Issue on Role of Big Data Analytics in a Sustainable Smart City. Paper co-authored with two undergraduate students. This is an outcome of the uOttawa work-study program. Phil, Victor, thank you both for the great work!

24 Nov 2017

Our article titled "Big Sensed Data Meets Deep Learning for Smarter Health Care in Smart Cities" has been accepted to the special issue of Sensors and Actuators for Smart Cities in the Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks. Congratulations Alex. (Click for pdf)

17 Nov 2017

Our article titled "Intelligent Gaming for Mobile Crowd-sensing Participants to Acquire Trustworthy Big Data in the Internet of Things" has been accepted to IEEE Access journal. Congratulations Maryam. (Click for pdf)

12 Oct 2017

Our article titled "Detection of Known and Unknown Intrusive Sensor Behavior in Critical Applications" has been published in IEEE Sensors Letters. Congratulations Safa. (Click for pdf)

1 Oct 2017

PhD candidate Fazel Anjomshoa has been accepted to the Insight Data Science Fellows Program, and will join the program on Sep. 5th.

29 Aug 2017

Maryam Pouryazdan and Fazel Anjomshoa have passed their PhD proposal exams. Maryam and Fazel are now officially PhD candidates. Congrats both!

29 Aug 2017

Safa Otoum has passed her PhD proposal exam. She is officially a PhD candidate now! Congrats Safa!

23 Aug 2017

New paper accepted to IEEE PIMRC�17. CD-ASM: A New Queuing Paradigm to Overcome Bufferbloat Effects in HetNets. Collaboration initiated by Drs. Michele Nogueira and Aldri Santos from UFPR-Brazil.Colegas, muito obrigado!

2 Aug 2017

Our paper with two undergrads accepted to IEEE Global Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP) Symposium. Title: Participatory detection of identity theft on mobile social platforms. This is an outcome of the uOttawa work-study program. Phil, Victor, thank you both for the good work!

28 Jul 2017

Our article on non-dedicated sensing and smart cities has been accepted to IEEE Sensors Journal. (Click for pdf)

11 July 2017

Our article on Social Behaviometrics in IoT have been accepted to IEEE Access. Congrats to Fazel and Moayad.(Click for pdf)

26 June 2017

Dr. Kantarci elevates to the vice-chair of IEEE Communication Systems Integration and Modelling Technical Committee (CSIM-TC).

22 May 2017

Dr. Kantarci receives NSERC DISCOVERY grant for the project titled "Mobile social network analytics and mobile edge solutions for trustworthy and reliable urban sensing".

13 Apr 2017

Two papers accepted to IWCMC 2017. Congratulations to Safa Otoum! Thanks to MoayadAloqaily!

28 Mar 2017

Our article on "Crowdsensim simulator" has been publishedin IEEE Access journal. Thank you Claudio for leading this initiative and thanks to all our collaborators! (pdf)

10 Feb 2017

Two papers have been accepted to IEEE ICC�17. One paper on blackhole detection in WSN-based smart grid monitoring (with PhD student Safa Otoum), and the other paper on sociability-based continuous identification (with PhD student, Fazel Anjomshoa). Congratulations Safa and Fazel!

26 Jan 2017

Our article titled "Quantifying User Reputation Scores, Data Trustworthiness, and User Incentives in Mobile Crowd-Sensing" has been accepted to IEEE Access special section on Big Data Analytics in Internet-of-Things And Cyber-Physical System. The article is co-authored with PhD student Maryam Pouryazdan. Congratulations Maryam! (pdf)

21 Jan 2017

Dr. Kantarci is the IEEE Communications Society representative in the steering committee of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.

16 Jan 2017

Our article "Machine Learning in Cardiac Health Monitoring and Decision Support" has been accepted to the Smart Health and Well Being Special Issue of IEEE Computer. This is in collaboration with SUNY at Albany and Univ. Rochester. Thank you all!

03 Sep 2016

Dr. Kantarci is an Area Editor for IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking in the area of energy efficiency in data storage and sensors.

22 Aug 2016







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